Hi, I'm going to buy a warriors of chaos army soon and have made this basic list for 1000 point games and was looking for a few tips.


Chaos sorceror
level 2, mark of slaanesh, conjoined homunculus, book of secrets, spell familiar.


10 warriors of chaos
Halberds, shields, full command, mark of slaanesh

20 marauders
light armour and shields, full command, mark of slaanesh

5 Marauder horsemen
flails, mark of slaanesh and musician

5 Marauder horsemen
flails, mark of slaanesh and musician


3 Dragon Ogres
great weapons

Total: 998 points

I'm pretty happy with the list so far, only worried about miscasting problems with the sorceror, but I'm confidant that the risk is worth it.
The plan is pretty basic, the marauders and the warriors move up center while the horsemen try and get around the flanks to cause havoc and try to draw off fire. The dragon ogres will be there to scare the hell out of the other player and maybe even get a flank charge if any survive the most likely massive amount of fire they'll draw.
The sorceror will probably just cause some havoc with slaanesh spells and do some damage with the lore of fire or death if he can.

If you can see any thing that you think needs changing let me know. I'd really like to keep the horsemen in there though because I need to buy the models for their extra heads for the marauders anyway.

I'm thinking of buying the battalion with two boxes of horsemen and a couple of models for characters. The dragon ogres will be horrible six legged crab clawed monsters made out of chaos spawns I have, so I Already have the models for them. I'm going to use the chaos knights along with the warhounds along with some more marauders and horsemen i'll buy to expand.

Thanks for any advice in advance.