This is kind of a rant, but also a good question to run by people here.

Now if Space Marines get FIVE codexes, then how come Chaos gets one? Or why does Imperial Guard only have one Codex, surely Vahellens(sp?) need their own codex, I mean they are a very celebrated regiment (side note: No this is not a plea for this codex, more of a sarcastic retort)!

Personally I think the Marine Codexes could be put to sleep with a large tranquilzer gun. If GW want people to get into the other alien races, they need to update the codexes, and not the Tau, but Eldar, Orks and especially Dark Eldar.

So back to my point: If Marines get five codexes, then Imperial Guard should have three, Chaos should have all Nine chapters represented in a codex, sure it will be alot of cut and pasting, but heck what else does GW do to make money?

Do Space Marines really need five codexes? I mean as a side project after major revision was completed, sure I would not mind, but not with Gorkamorka trukks on the field or Guardians with a shooting complex. Really five? Couldn't they just cram them into one codex like they did with Chaos????????

So if Marines get five codexes, then I want four more Chaos ones: One for every Big Bad Chaos God. Slaanesh, then Khorne, then Tzeentch and heck Nurgle could be done last (he is the decaying one ). The other codex representing Undivided. Then I would be happy.

Of course that wont happen (or so I hope), but nor should Black Templars, Blood Angels, Dark Angels or Space Wolves, just use the dang trait system to make the Chapters, or use a Chapter Approved document not a brand new waste of time codex! Eldar, Dark Eldar and Orks are dying slowly, as if they never existed, as is represented at clubs. Heck I have never fought against Eldar in my store club, is that saying something?

Note: Mods, if this is the wrong place to place this thread, I apologise now