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Thread: A few thoughts and questions on WotR

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    A few thoughts and questions on WotR

    A few things strike me about WotR that I haven't seen mentioned so far...

    1) The use of the word "hit" where other games would generally use "wound" can be very confusing. It seems to have even confused the writers. For example, roll a 3-5 on the artillery table, and "the target suffers D6 hits at the siege engine's strength". But if it uses the game's definition of "hit", you don't need to use the strength value, because a hit is a wound. What I'm pretty sure they mean is that you make D6 rolls "to hit" using the siege engine's strength. Very poorly phrased, in an otherwise rather well-written book.

    by comparison, the other two comments are pretty minor...

    2) Rangers of Arnor - same price as Rangers of Gondor, but with -1 Courage. Why would anyone take them, ever?

    3) Shame (and odd) that the Fiefdom units (apart from Dol Amroth) can't have generic captains. Do Forlong, Angbor and Duinhir have problems delegating?
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