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    1,000 Points - Wood Elves

    Ok, this is my first attempt at a 1,000 point list, so please, rip it to shreds. I haven't bought anything yet, so this is all just ideas. Also I have never played a games of WHFB in my life, I've watched a few and briefly read over the rules.

    -Level 2 Wizard
    -Dispel Scroll
    -Power Gem
    175 pts.

    Glade Guard x 10
    126 pts.

    Glade Guard x 10
    126 pts.

    Glade Guard x 10
    126 pts.

    Wardancer Troupe x 10
    187 pts.

    Tree Kin x 4
    260 pts.

    Total Points: 1,000
    Total Models: 45
    Total Power Dice: 5 + Power Gem
    Total Dispel Dice: 3 + Dispel Scroll

    I am sort of confused on the Power Dice, the way I'm reading the Rules, it says that I get 2 - then the Level 2 Wizard can use 3. So does that mean that ANY Wizard in my Army may tap into the Pool (2), and the only Wizard in my army (Spellsinger) may use up to 3 additional?

    And the "Fantasy Army:" isn't rendering properly for some reason, it goes down to "Warriors of Cha," so it doesn't finish WoC and it leaves Wood Elves cut off. I will try to edit it later...

    EDIT: I can't see how to change the "Fantasy Army:" but I also wanted to add: If anything on here is illegal, please tell me. I have the Army Book but I might have missed something.
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