I was playing a 2k match vs a wood elf dark elf alliance today.

I normally don't mind unpainted armies or one or two proxies, but was slightly cheesed off today. I didn't say anything but was annoyed, how would you react to:

A single warrior acting as a bolt thrower + crew.
10 gladeguard being used as waywatchers, as well as 10 normal gladeguard scouting (confusing?).
A dark elf assassin being used as war dancer highborn, as well as another assassin being used as shadowblade (confusing?).
A 40k chaos tzeentch sorcerer as a dark elf soceress.
Glade riders being used as wild riders (not so bad).
A dark elf cold one knight, not on cold one, being used as another dark elf sorceress.
15 Eternal guard being used as wardancers.
Everything unpainted, unprimed and unbased.

Would you grin and bear it like I did as you try to remember what's where, or get cheesed off as your army is fully painted, based, and a proper list?

(P.s. I won )