Alright so Guild Wars has been out for, I think, almost a week. I remember that there was a thread on Portent1 regarding Guild Wars while it was in the beta test stage. Now the game has been released and I have heard reports that it is significantly better than what it used to be during beta.

Also I have never played WOW. Although many of my friends would never shut up about how good/balanced/fun it was. I almost got to playing it, but I've never been a fan of paying per month. So I'm sure its not new to state that WOW pwnsss111!! or something to that nature. Lately, however, one of my friends dropped out completely because, with the newest patch, apparently the game has gone to crap... especially for the Horde players.

I've got an idea as to why WOW is regarded so high, but if anyone has played it, and especially with this new patch, can describe why/if its become less stellar.

More importantly has anyone played/playing the actual retail release of Guild Wars. It seems preety intresting and fun, also the lack of Pay Per Month makes it all the more appealing.

Basically I am hoping that Guild Wars is worth it since I always end up getting collectors, or limited editions of games. It retails for 99.99 here and although I wouldn't mind spending the cash if Guild Wars does indeed deliver, IT is a LOT of money.

\thanks for your help Portenters, its good to be back Randomly (a)Musing (myself.)