I was wondering, what made you pick the force you have, for either SBG or WOTR, and if they are different for each, why?

Were there some models you saw, and just thought you wanted an army based around them?

Were there scenes from the books or movies that you wanted to recreate, cheering on one of the sides, maybe even wondering if you could have changed things?

Was it the background, and you just liked the idea of being the main defence against Sauron's forces and so wanted to go for Gondor, maybe even a sub-group such as the siege of Minas Tirith, for example?

Was it for the rules, and after reading you felt some seemed better or more interesting mechanically, and the models weren't as important?

Was it the fact you wanted to pick something no-one else locally was using, or not using well, and so could try out something different?

For many people, I can't see just one of the above being the reason for your chosen force.

I know it's a random thing to ask, but I felt that whilst many people are getting into LOTR for WOTR, as well as working out army lists, tactics and rules questions, we could do with something lighter to talk about.

For myself, it is the Fallen Realms, specifically the Easterlings. I loved the models, as they stood out when compared to both the forces of Evil who weren't Human, and the Men from forces of Good who I felt were too bland for me. However, as I've been working on them for the past few weeks, seeing more people getting them as an army, both locally and online, makes me wish I had gone for something more extreme such as Angmar, as it is a less popular list, and I won't look like I am going with the crowd [if there is such a thing yet].

Now hopefully through allies, and the amount of choice within the Fallen Realms I can make my army stand out enough to not blend in with the others.
This will mainly be done by my army not being painted in the same scheme as the models/movie, with dark green cloth and dark red non-metallic armour, and with going more for rules then fluff and theme. Yes I like the look of Easterlings, but I won't ignore a combination I feel is useful for the sake of style. I do that enough in Warhammer already