This is a general observation on the game mechanics, that to be quite honest befuddles me regularily, this is not a rules question, but more to see how people feel.

Twin linked, allows you to re-roll a missed shot with that weapon. Now I understand that the re-roll is applied to the second shot finding the target (how, ill come to that later). But when the first shot you roll a hit, what does the second shot do? in current rules it vapourises.
Linked, this means both weapons are strapped together , point in the same direction, and the only variancy is the distance between barrels, now as they both point in the same place, why does the mechanics of the game suggest that the second shot hits, even if the first missed? This rule really confuses me as every twin linked weapon, is only fitted with one targetter or sight!

How i would enterpret twin linked in 40k. One roll to hit, if succesful they both hit or both miss, no re-rolls. 2 Rolls for wounding/penetration. Other rules could be applied to that, For example you could choose to fire one Lascannon per turn, or two in a turn and recharge the next in the case of energy weapons like lascannons.

This isnt my attempt at re-writting the rules, just my 2 cents on somthing that wasnt IMO really thought about in the game.