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    'Nemesis' armies??????

    I suppose we have all read the latest White Dwarf (305) and have seen Peter Haines sugestions on fielding 'Nemesis armies' is it just me or does this smell of min maxing and if it does then does this constitute as power gaming? Or is it unfair to decry them as Power gaming armies as he puts it. The whole idea behind a 'nemesis' army is to give a well rounded army a problem which is nearly impossible to counter and yet he then goes on to give the impression later that balanced armies are somehow better (being able to evolve)...... (read into a 'nemesis' army). I don't normaly complain against stuff like this but min maxed laz plas squads (something which should be avoided at all cost) is now being openly promoted by Peter as a good thing. I feel this marks a growing trend in GW away from the more enjoyable side of gaming and more towards the competitive tournament play. While some may see this as a good thing I still feel slightly disappointed that Peter is not extoling the virtues of a well rounded force and how to fit a terminator squad or two into them. Is it just me or are other people starting to get a bit tired of this too? It seems like 40K is becoming more and more like Magic The Gathering.... can my uber L33t combo beat your uber L33t combo?; with the same type of armies being churned out for the same races because everybody knows that it will win. A good example of this is at my local GW were five people field virtualy the same Chaos army (basicaly a deamon bomb but with nasty extras)
    Maybe I am just getting cynical in my old age but I thought that the enjoyment was ment to come from playing the game not winning all the time.

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