Title says it all really:

In the "something secret" thread on the rumours forum, various suggestions were made for a Forgeworld army for WFB, a model range available to all armies, and a ressurection of the Dogs Of War. It occurred to me that it might be viable to combine all three.

The reasoning is as follows:

1) several people posted that an all-resin army produced by Forgeworld would be too expensive for most players. However, a single regiment of renown or allied mercenary unit would be within reach of most players.

2) The sheer variety of units that could be included in a DoW army would serve the double purpose of appealing to the widest possible range of players and giving the sculptors the widest possible freedom.

3) The nature of DoW units would best suit itself to an "Imperial Armour" type of publication. A hardback listing of various mercenary units/monsters that can be combined in one force or added to various armies on the basis of "this unit may be purchased as a special unit by armies ABC, and as a rare unit by armies XYZ" would be used by far more people (even if copies only *sold* at a rate of one per gaming group)

4) As a forgeworld publication, the units would not be tournament legal, which means that the issues of balancing a given option for every conceivable army need not apply. The units would be there purely for fluff and fun reasons (IMO the best possible reasons anyway) but the models could be used "counts as" for anything appropriate.

I've ranted enough - any thoughts?