Master Apothercy Zacchary Fallon's career started as all normal Marines, as a Scout. This changed when the Knights of Dusk Chapter was sent to the Battle of Tranga Gamma. The 3rd Company was assigned the mission of outflanking the Necrons and destroying their Lord. This had disasterous consequences as 80% of the Company was destroyed. The ground was littered with power armour, blood and bone. Zac got shot in the leg, but was stitched up by Master Apothercy Jantree, right before Jantree was hit in the back by a shot of Guass.

The remainder of the Company retreated. The only remaining brothers were Tactical Squad Leviticus, half of Assault Squad Ares, Captain Larius, Sergeant Varin, Sir Plancia and Brother Hephestas from the Command Squad along with Zacchary and Sergent Bontria from Scout Squad Artemis.

Without an Apothercy, the 3rd Company would never survive another atempt at destroying the Necron Lord. Knowing this Zac and Sergent Bontria scouted forwards to get Jantree's Narthecium. After finding it, Zac took it upon himself to attach it to his arm. After completing their mission they returned to the assembly point.

Zac worked through out the day repairing the injured. That night Larius led a night assault against the Necron main base. At the same time Chapter Master Onyx led one form the opposite direction.

The Necrons were nearly wiped out, when Onyx was struck down. All the Apothercies, including Zac, ran towards him to see if he could be helped. Suddenly the Necron Lord leading the Tomb Army pounced into the centre of the group, driving his Staff of Light through Onyx's heart. Zac quickly drew his bolt pistol, taking out the Lord with a shot to the head.

With their Chapter Master slain, the Knights of Dusk fell apart. Noone had any idea what to do. Captain Larius picked up the Master of Dusk's Hellblades. Immedietly the Chapter calmed down, taking note of this new authority.

After a series of night assaults, Larius went up against the Nightbringer. Seeing this, Zacchary ran up and accompined Larius into the climatic battle. While Zac shot at the beast with a stolen Heavy Bolter, Larius hold it off in close combat with the flaming Hellblades. The Nightbringer stuck at Larius one last time before fleeing, snapping 5 ribs and ripping a wound on his torso.

The demolition charges set near the Tombs ent off, caving them in. Zacchary stitched up Larius, carring him back to the ThunderHawk Gunship.

For bravery and initiative Zacchary was rewarded Jantree's Narthecium. Larius, the new Master of Dusk, also rewarded Zacchary with inductorship into the Apothercies of the Chapter, where after 50 years, he became the Master of Apotherceries.

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