After owning the rulebook for over 10 years I finally got to play my first warmaster game last night. It was more a case of getting used to a new rule system and apart from my cunning deployment there wasnt a whole lot of tactics involved. So what tactics work in this game? Having seen very little of it and predominantly a warhammer player I m trying to get a feel for the game.

How many units do people take on average per hero?

Should you brigade the majority of your units in the start? Last night for example I started with 3 full brigades in 1000 pt game but with a failed order in my first 2 turns a 1/3 of my army didn't move.

Are wizards worth the points? With there low command value and range he didnt do much and seemed more a novelty than the hero?

Do people use mixed brigades or do they find they work better with troops of a similar kind. Maybe missile troops and warmachines together?

Do people play with a second battle line behind the first to plug gaps in their lines? or is it just a waste of manpower.

Just some random thoughts from last night. Any ideas would be appreciated.