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    Kill Da Stompa

    Some of you may remember my "Kill the Baneblade" thread a while back well tonight (later today now, I suppose, technically) my Gaming group is taking it on to it's next logical step:- Kill da Stompa.
    I'd like to hear what Warseer thinks will win through in this challenge.
    Basic outline follows...

    • Defender. 1 Standard Ork Stompa
    • Attacker. 600 points of ANY current Codex. No FOC requirements, no army list Minima/Maxima apply*. ONLY Codex, no IA, No Apoc legendary units or Formations.

    *Yes, this means you can double up on special Characters, if that's what you're into.

    • Stompa sets up first on a four foot square table, each side can deploy upto 12" into the Table.
    • All alternative methods of deployment may be used if optional and must be used if obligatory.
    • Attacker gets first turn (but Stompa may decide to try to seize the advantage).

    Any particularly imaginative or interesting suggestions posted before about 8 pm GMT will be given a try out
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