Hi there

Just thought i ask a question here and see what you guys and gals say. Please whatever you do not turn this into a GW bashing thread, constructive comments only!

This morning while here at my last day at uni for xmas eating my ceral infront of my computer reading warseer (bloody flat mate took the tv home! GOD DAM IT) I had asort of ephinay (if i could spell it) While looking at a particular fine nurgle army in the painting section with some very cool bases from battlebases i believe, i had a thought. Why has GW not bothered to do something similar they would probably sell quite a few. It then dawned on me, in the UK they are pretty tough on "fair" competition not allowing only company or sector to dominate over another. Ie the the trouble they had when asda went up for sale and tesco couldn't buy it. Now i don't know if this would apply to GW as its a toy company to all purposes and therefore doesn't own the biggest share but is this the case?

Feedback or any ideas would be cool?