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Thread: Eldar and Human breeding as it stands now

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    Question Eldar and Human breeding as it stands now

    Looking through my old fabled Rogue Trader book I noticed a little blurb on the introduction part to Eldar.

    In a basic summary it said, genetically Eldar are very close to humans, with being paler and having pointed ears being the only noticeable difference.

    Then the article mentions how viable offspring of Eldar and Human is a rare but viable occasion and that Imperial scientists haven't been able to figure out why beyond the idea that humans and Eldar shared a common ancestor.

    In the 3rd edition rulebook they stated how some "misguided" humans find Eldar to be beautiful.

    Now on current fluff, I know that Eldar have the whole "every Eldar is psychic now." which was missing in the original fluff.

    But can anybody find some direct quotes regarding whether humans and Eldar can still interbreed? From what I can tell GW just seems to have a "ho hum let's not mention it anymore vibe."
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