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    Gobotonnia Army! Gobbo Knights!

    Legend of the Gobotonnia

    Long ago, the dark woodlands of the Death Pass west of the Grey Mountains near the borders of the Bretonnia were home to countless primitive and savage goblins. These primitive goblins lived in tribes, a collection of greenskins ruled over by a goblin warboss. For many centuries, the goblins struggled against the Bretonnian for possession of the best and most fertile lands. The goblin tribes also often fought each other when they would have been better off uniting against the human. The Bretonnian dominated the fertile valleys and plains, while the goblins lived in the forest, mountain and wilderness regions.

    Several years before the forming of Gobotonnia, King Charlen of the Bretonnia renewed the Errantry Wars, to rid the entire world of all greenskins. Bretonnia knights gathered in unprecedented numbers. The host of knights went forth to the Border Princes and stormed across the Death Pass. The lands of the goblins fall into anarchy. The Bretonnian purged the primitive goblin tribes and slaughtered countless goblins. The greenskins fled and scattered deep into the Grey Mountains and the surviving combatants were herded into internment camps as their lands were claimed by rivals.
    Years after the declaration of the Errantry Wars, It was at this time that a young goblin wolfrider warboss named Whaga was visited by a vision of an old goblin shaman. The shaman revealed himself to this young warboss as “The Prophet of Gork”. He warned him of the next massive invasion of the Bretonnia. He urged Whaga to unite the other warring tribes to withstand the Bretonnian. Fearing that was more of a vision than a dream, Whaga led his wolfriders and attempted to unite all other goblin tribes. Despite his best efforts, Whaga failed to convince other tribe leaders to unite.
    Shortly, Whaga was visited by “The Prophet” again, who told him about the “Favour of Gork”. In order to receive the Favour, Whaga vowed to Gork and offered his soul to gain the power to unite the tribes and defeat the Bretonnian. Guided by “The Prophet”, Whaga and his wolfriders swore their lives completely to Gork and drunk from a fountain blessed with the “blood of Gork”. Thus, Whaga consumed enormous power and became a being of supernatural power. Now a chosen of Gork, Whaga challenged the warbosses of all the goblin tribes in a single combat and defeated them all. This battle earned the young warboss much honor, glory and renown. Within months, Whaga effectively forged hundreds of goblin tribes into a single nation then set out to carve a place for themselves near the Grey Mountains and laid the foundations of the kingdom of Gobotonnia.
    In the Imperial Year 2488 or thereabout, as foresaw by “The Prophet”, a mighty host of Bretonnia knights led by the reckless Baron Jules do Fontainebleu went forth into the Death Pass to cleanse the greenskins. Whaga led his elite wolfriders and sprang a trap on the Bretonnian. Blessed by the “Favour of Gork” Whaga led his wolfriders bravely to engage the Bretonnian, thousands of goblins flocked to join him. The unstoppable sea of greenskins swarmed up across the horizon, whopping, jeering, and yelling their barbarous war cries in numbers never before seen. Countless of goblins were killed but stubbornly refused to retreat and would fight to the death rather than give an inch of ground. The battle fought on for three days and nights. Despite the Bretonnian’s best efforts, the goblin’s numbers were just too overwhelming. The knights were soon surrounded by a horde of cackling greenskins. Outnumbered and trapped, the Bretonnia army began to crumble and in a matter of hours the whole army was hacked down.
    In the aftermath of the battle, the goblins scavenged amongst the battlefield, took any shiny possessions they could get their hands on to be branded as their own. The goblins armed themselves with an assortment of swords, broken lances, shields, armours and helms etc captured in the battle, and carried as a mark of their self-evident superiority.

    In the same year, the Bretonnian king declared the Errantry Wars at an end. The lands of the goblin were finally secured. The goblins became fanatically devoted to Whaga and proclaimed him to be their king and Gobotonnia is formed. Whaga was crowned as the King of Gobotonnia.

    Gobotonnian Paladin

    Gobotonnian Battle Standard Bearer

    Gobotonnia Paladlin
    used a special shield for this model to represent the enchanted shield

    also my Damsel (Goblin shaman) with the silver mirror, i'm gonna use a bit of tin foil for the mirror~~

    My Damsel with 2 scrolls

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