So why does Sauron want to conquer Middle Earth? Because all he seems to do with his armies is burn places down, kill people, despoil their lands and enslave the survivors. But there doesn't seem to be a reason to do this. I mean why rule over a bunch of burned out hell holes with minions who are about as disciplined as a herd of cats. Just seems kinda pointless to me. I mean sure, its high fantasy, but that's just kinda pointless.

What does the One Ring do, exactly? It makes you invisible, and that may be all well and good, but apparently Sauron homes in on this thing whenever someone wears it( though when no one does, he can't see it). Does it grant magical power? Or is it just the ultimate bling of Middle Earth?

Why does Sauron even forge the One Ring? I mean if it gets cut off, he loses his corporeal form. And apparently it contains all his cunning, malice and power (though I'm not sure why he needs in on an easily removable gold band), and this allows him to bind the other rings of power, yet this doesn't seem to affect the Dwarven and Elven wearers of the rings.