I have seen a lot of topics about specific music genres (metal/punk/easy listening etc) but I haven’t see any for people like me who like all music, so I fought id start one.

The one thing that has annoyed me is all these people saying that this band is not so and so while some people say that it is. I listen to a WIDE range of music my play lists contains some of the following (Britney spear/children of bodom/anti-flag /green day/hard-fi/toploader/GLC)

I can listen to any genre of music and I am willing to listen to any genre of music, i will not not listen to a band just because they are not immediately what I like.

the other thing that annoys me is people saying that so and so band is not part of a genre, from the amount of music i listen to a week (I work in retail selling Cd’s among other things, I listen to about 13/14 hours a week of music at work alone, put that with the stuff I listen at home we talking probably 30+ hours a week) and most of the music that I really like is cross genre
Green day with its punk/emo/rock
Good charlotte with its punk/emo/pop
Blink 182 with its punk/emo/rock/pop
Kelly Clarkson with her rock/emo/pop
Britney spears rock/pop crossovers
The offspring with its emo/rock

Now I know most of those bands have a start in some kind of emo/punk/rock crossovers, but that’s what mood I am at currently. I am also think the current trend in some dance music which is getting away form the acid house/trance and has more of a pop influence is good.

anyways I think we should celebrate music as a whole and not focus on the specific genres, as long its got a good beat and i can tap my foot or bang my head I don’t care if its Britney spears singing or some hard punk band.

I want to speak and listen to people who are willing to try new music, my god is John Peel, the main person on uk radio to showcase new talent, all music really comes down to the same roots if you want to be pedantic so why cant people get over the fact that people like different music than them, and just listen to the music