Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anybody knew if there was an official army badge / logo design for the Macragge Planetary Defence Force?

Or if not Macragge specifically then any PDF regiments in the Ultramar region?

If there isn't an official logo do you think the design would incorporate the Ultramarines inverted omega symbol?

Basically I am working on constructing a Macragge PDF regiment for my next army, and want them to tie in with my Ultramarines, and so thought about using a lot of the same iconography (inverted Omega symbol, anti tyranid banners etc).

However would it be considered bad form for a PDF regiment to incorporate Space marine iconography into their colour scheme?

Macragge and Ultramar are supposed to be the epitome of Imperial Culture and I thought it would be nice if they were tied in closely with the Ultramarines who act as their Lords and nobles.