I think this things deserve their own Plog, i made them last autumn and unfortunately i haven't pics of the building process, all the design and building is self-made, I have taken some ideas from sketches on the page of the game Warhammer:Age of reckoning, and from some real buildings.

The reason to build 2 instead of only 1, is that the Tzeentch Tower cost 400 pts in game , so i thought that i could include 2...

Build two of these things took me some more time, but was more easy to get that the 2 towers were simillar, making all the same type pieces at the same time, cutting or scultping one tower while the other was gluing etc... I didn't want that they were identicals, but very simillar with some differents details.

They are made with plasticard, foamboard, wood sticks, milliput, green stuff, wire and some plastic GW pieces.


Their size is about 45 cm tall...