Shocker I know, but whenever I go there we have:

A) Arguements between players.
B) People are bored, so they make stupid comments.
C) Employees constantly trying to sell me stuff (they are probably on commission.)
D) I sort of felt like an ass when I was reading the new Codex and people were jostling to read it next.
E) Too many maggots that are barely past my knee when they stand up.

I am forced to just crawl into my little cave, light a lamp and paint my guys until I need a new product, then I browse for about 3 minutes and run away with the box.
I know the manager fairly well, he seems pretty cool, but the employees annoy me by sometimes over-exaggerating how good something is.

I.E. when I was reading the Codex feeling like a complete ******* the people were complaining about how strong squadrons of Leman Russes will be, while I was telling them it wasn't really that OP. But obviously they didn't listen and kept their opinion that z0m6 i r never pl3y imperel goord playor cuz of powar gamr, meanwhile I was wondering what the hell a power-gamer is.

Any other store haters out there?