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Thread: Imperial Guard Army List Calculator (Excel Sheet)

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    Imperial Guard Army List Calculator (Excel Sheet)


    Using the new Imperial Guard Codex I have created an entirely comprehensive Excel Sheet system and I have taken an absolute AGE to produce this.. well over 100 hours, so please try it out.

    Each entry has formulas to accept the below inputs and will calculate the individual/upgrade cost, the overall unit cost, and the overall squad/squadron cost and the total army cost.

    The two Basic Instructions are as follows;

    only edit values in
    Column A - (either 0 or 1) - for taking or not taking units.
    Column G - (either 0 or 1 [or more depending on the possible number of the same upgade] - for taking upgrades.

    It should be pretty Intuitive.

    Take a look at the screenshots, then download it and have a go.

    Tell me what you guys think about it.


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