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Thread: The Agelian Campaign: The Wars of the 21st Emperor's Saggitarrian Rifles

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    The Agelian Campaign: The Wars of the 21st Emperor's Saggitarrian Rifles

    First: an apology.

    This evening, I went to my GW (High Wycombe, by the way) with the firm intention of playing a game involving Glorious Comrade von Stahl's Red Guards facing down the enemies of the Revolution once more. True, I have not as yet painted more men, but it is my firm intention to do so; as far as I know, I won't be getting that many new men for the new codex. And yes, I brought along the Imperial Guard just in case, and even some stuff to paint. However, I wanted to unleash the wave of propaganda, cold steel and hot fire arrows in another epic battle report.

    However, this will not be the case tonight. I looked at the gaming tables of the store, and thought to myself:

    Why not give the Guards a last hurrah? One more game before the codex arrives, and all is changed?

    And besides, I don't like playing 700 point games.

    So, I met with my habitual Grey Knights opponent, got to my habitual table (a Lord of the Rings one with marshes, crags, trees and a nice statue in the middle), and we got gaming. The mission was Annihilate, the deployment Spearhead.



    (Now, any match involving Daemonhunters may seem one sided, but I beg to differ in this case for reasons that will soon become clear.)

    The Reconnissance Force of Inquisitor James

    Inquisitor James (psychic powers, psycannon)

    Brother Captain in Terminator Armour (and if he's a Termie sergeant in disguise, I apologise.)
    Ten Grey Knight Terminators

    Ten Grey Knights with Incinerator
    Ten Grey Knights with Incinerator
    (About) Ten Stormtroopers with Inquisitor accompanying them


    The 21st Emperor's Saggitarrian Rifles

    Doctrines: Close Order Drill
    Iron Discipline
    Rough Riders

    (Yes, it's that guard codex.)

    Colonel His Grace the Duke Lawford ((only just made an aristo.)) Power fist, refractor field, storm bolter.
    Company standard
    Master vox= 146

    Foot Artillery (Command Platoon): 3 lascannon = 110 pts
    Mortar Battery= 80 pts

    Major Sharpe: power sword, bolt pistol, honorifica imperialis

    Grenade Launcher X2
    Vox= 92

    3 Squads: Grenade Launcher, Vox= 73 each (219.)

    Lt Rostov: Power Sword, Bolter

    Grenade Launcher
    Vox= 74

    2 Squads Missile, Grenade Launcher, Vox= 88 each (176.)

    Dismounted Dragoons (once Armoured Fist, now part of Rostov's platoon): meltagun, vox=75

    And that's it.

    Because I had to carry my Bretonnians, even my big carrying case struggled with two horde armies. The result was that I cut out all the tanks, and then all the horses (so no Horse Artillery.) I was also slightly out of practice with warhammer (I hadn't turned up to the shop for a couple of weeks), and was playing with the Imperial Guard, an army well known for its weakness with Kill Points. Nevertheless, the men prepared themselves.

    More to come, but I don't want to delete anything!
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    Now just doing Battle Reports. for the Red Guards for my Imperial Guard.)

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