So i'm jumping on the guard bandwagon but breaking the cadian spam trend and doing an army of Mordian Iron Guard. I want the army to be very fluffy instead of just new guard power play.

I have the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ed guard codex's so know the story of the planet defense and the doctrines from the last codex.

So with this in mind i'm going down the route of lascannon heavy weapon teams whom are backed up with combined(20 men) units of infantry lead by a commi and some grenade launchers. This gives me a pretty nice core of troops who fit the key fluff markers: Lascannons, Grenade launchers, Lots of organised lasgun volley, and dicipline.

I was just wondering if anyone had any fluff sources other than the old codex books that is related to the Iron Guard? I seem to remember a brief bit in one of the last chancer novels, but they didnt get painted in a good light so i'm ignoring that .