Hello all,
i read LOTR around 25 years ago, so it is quite likely my memories are not accurate, but i seem to recall that half orcs were present in isengard armies, and they were either nefarious men with orc blood or, for the most horrible ones, orcs with mannish blood.
I seem to recall the hobbits witnessed the passage of Isengard host and counted half orcs among its variegated components.
In any case i suppose they were an altogether different thing than uruk hai.
I think Saruman also had half orc spies in human communities, and quite likely some of the ruffians he brought with him in the Shire after he lost Isengard were half orcs.
Now i cant see anything like that in the movies, and i suppose Peter J. just considered uruk hai to be some kind of human/orc crossbreed.
After all they appear to be (slightly) more human looking than average orcs (Gothmog?), though none of them could infiltrate human society.
So could the movie uruk hai be he most orc like half orcs?
What do you think?