I was looking through SOL the other day and noticed all the clan-specific wierdboys GW used to produce and it got me thinking. I was wondering whereabouts I could find more info on Ork psychic powers and wierdboys. I've got a really old WD somewhere which has loads of rules for madboys (I think theres one about them hating the colour red - possibly a reference to the red era of 'eavy metal).

I don't have a copy of the 3rd edn. ork codex at the minute but wondered if there was much in it about wierdboys in ork society? I might be making this up but was there something in the fluff that suggested certain clans (I want to say Bad Moons...) had more wierdboys and madboys? Would it be possible for orks to have some sort of genetic weakness or flaw that made them more likely to develop psychic abilities, in the same way that Bad Moons grow their teeth faster?

If anyone can give me more info about this I'd be very grateful as I've been wracking my brains for a couple of days and its starting to drive me mad!