I want to do Dunlendings for my evil LotR GT force and want to make sure I have a decent enough list before I spend all that money on metal minis. The basic idea is using the Dunlendings as a sort of viking raider force rather than the film's homeless looking depiction. I might even make a longboat for them in the future.

I also want a Nazgul in the army to represent them being manipulated by Sauron. Not sure which one though.

So far I have:

Royalblood chief (2 hand weapon) - 75

Huscarl with banner - 34

huscarls (2 handed weapons) x 16 - 165

Dunlending warriors (shield) x 16 - 144

Dunlending archers x 16 - 144


That leaves 138 points for a mounted nazgul. I'm leaning towards either the dark marshal or the shadow lord.