So just how powerful is an Avatar anyway? They're supposed to be the Eldar's most powerful warriors, even better than the phoenix lords, but I've just realized that I've never actually read a single piece of fluff where an Avatar solo-ed anything big and actually won. Avatar vs Fulgrim = Avatar loses, Avatar vs Calgar = Avatar loses, Avatar vs Keeper of Secrets (in that one short story where one KoS takes out an entire craftworld...) = Avatar loses, Avatar vs partially formed Daemon Prince in Dawn of War (book) = Avatar loses (he won but he was getting schooled until a farseer came to save him), and Avatar vs nids on Iyanden... well we all know how well that went until Yriel came and saved the day. Is there any fluff where an Avatar actually wins? The only thing I can think of is the Dawn of War game where an Avatar can handily solo a bloodthirster

Avatars are supposed to be the best the Eldar have got, but when I compare their track records to say Eldrad pwning Abaddon or Maugan Ra scything down a nid bio-titan with one blow... I'm unimpressed to say the least.