Space Wolves are kinda grey...they're pretty well known for it. Okay they even have a shade of grey named after them. Possibly two.

Which set me to wondering if my favourite enemies are going to be getting any variant paint schemes.

Might a Wolf Lord decide that he doesn't want his band of merry men to be wearing grey?

Would he be allowed to have his company wear white armour like the ice blue glaciers of Fenris? Or deep, dark red like the blood of the Kraken? Why not jet black to show off those striking yellow markings?

Has anybody painted their SW figures in different colours?

IIRC the Wolf Brothers (?) were the only successors to the Space Wolves but is there a chance that GW will retconn in some previously unknown descendants?

I suppose they might go for the 'Counts as' style of things e.g. if you want to field Star Leopards then you simply use the SW rules with your own distinct scheme.