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    Forgeworld news from Games Day Baltimore

    Alright guys, I'm fresh back from the convention where I talked to one of the guys at the Forgeworld both. He was very friendly and shared a few details that I'm sure you will enjoy. Firstly Fantasy is going to get a lot more face time with Forgeworld. They are planning on adding significantly to their fantasy range in the next couple of years.

    I asked him if they were planning on releasing armies similar to the Krieg and Red Scorpian forgeworld only lines and he said that they were. I then told him that I was a long time Chaos Dwarf player and asked him specifically if Forgeworld had any plans to make a Chaos Dwarf army one of the fantasy armies to be released. He not only said that they had plans to do Chaos Dwarves, but said that they were on the top of the list to be done.

    When I asked him about other armies (IE Cathay and the far east) or new races he said that there weren't considering any new races but I basically gathered that there were looking at expanding on other current ones.

    In other news, the next Forgeworld book to be released after the final Siege of Vraks book is supposed to be Ellesians vs orks and will include an updated list for Ellesians and a new ork list that will include many of the new vehicles that we have already seen pictures of. There is also supposed to be a new ork tank of which I have not seen any pictures yet. He also told me that they had no plans on expanding the Krieg range of models anymore and that they were essentially done with the line.

    He also confirmed that they were going to update the Death Korps and Renegade lists with free PDF files on their website, but didn't give a timeline on this.
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