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Thread: Sources of miniatures

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    Sources of miniatures

    I've looked at copplestone, kallistra and magister militum, all of which have stuff that interests me.

    However I've also seen copies of LOTR risk on ebay. Does anyone know what scale the models are in?

    You get the following in a set:

    60 Moria Goblins
    18 Dark Riders
    9 Moria Trolls

    60 Elf archers
    18 Riders of Rohan
    9 Eagles

    Are these the right scale? Has anyone used them? Can you use all the models in the set ie ar the goblins and elves in scale with the BOFA stuff?

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    Re: Sources of miniatures

    I thought of using the trolls from there myself... They aren't that far off the correct scale, but the smaller units are fairly undetailed - check this out:


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    Re: Sources of miniatures

    Try Pendraken Miniatures, cheap and one of the best fantasy ranges out there.

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    Re: Sources of miniatures

    Although the models are more 15mm than 10mm so do tower over the miniatures from the original game.
    Not a problem if you don't have them.

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