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Thread: Report on New GW 'Army' Carry Case

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    Report on New GW 'Army' Carry Case

    Basically a flow-on from this older thread.

    Recieved my new Army case in the mail today. Its big.

    Unlike the older advertisements suggested, it does only hold 6 trays (as currently advertised) rather than 8. The first thing I did was try to fit an extra layer in using some of my spares. Its possible, but the foam is likely to get very squashed and may even damage some miniatures. I place two Guardsmen per slot as is, and if I did so with 4 layers they would sustain scratches and possible breakages. More economical in space to double-up on 3 layers than single-up on 4.
    Also, if 4 layers are used the sides do not close fully, with about a .5cm gap. This may not be a problem for some, but I wouldnt want to carry an overloaded case in the rain.

    There is a little more space around the foam trays than in the smaller 'Standard' cases. It had been suggested by some that the new trays were smaller than the old- I could not determine a difference in comparison with the two. Regardless, this space does let the cases 'wiggle' around a little bit, but I dont think that this will be a problem as the foam is quite thick. If you leave a codex above the top layer it helps press the foam down and keep it stable.

    The trays are the same as the old ones. Each cell is large enough to comfortably fit a basic infantry model (or two), and can fit an Ogre-sized model on a round base, although this is a very tight fit and the base extends out a little.

    The casing is nice and solid, which is one of the reasons I like the GW cases. None of this soft zipper cover than most other case manufacturers use. You could kick this case around and not do any damage. The front shows a large Imperial Eagle and 'Games Workshop', a scaled up version as that which is used on the smaller cases. This one also has a shoulder strap, which is nice, although the case hangs down past my knees that way.

    Overall, I'm happy with this product. I have managed to fit 4 infantry trays in, and have used two of my old to convert into tank trays and can carry four tanks as well. Now I wont have to carry extra boxes for my usual sized Guard games (of course, the other 8 tanks wont fit in, but I dont usually use more than four).

    It also helped that I only paid 2/3 the price that GW is asking for the cases here. Used, which offers a 10% discount on GW products (at UK prices, which are less than Australian prices anyway) and free postage worldwide! Probably wouldnt have bought the case at full Australian price though.

    Happy to answer any questions you may have.
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