What is the most common ''reasonable'' power level for a marine? I mean look at Brothers of the Snake, where a single squad literaly kills hundreds of cultists and a thousand dark eldar. contrast that to Nightbringer where the Ultramarines have some trouble with an entrenched PDf company. In Dawn of War the Eldar are a serious challange to marines wheres as in Brothers of the Snake the marines go through them like redshirts.

In Brothers of the Snake a marine is hardly bothered by an autocannon, wheras in Nightbringer a marine avoids an autocannon stating that it could crack his power armor.

In the Imprial Armor books a marine company gets caught off-guard by a Tau cadre with armor support and takes heavy losses. In Brothers of the Snake a single squad goes through literaly hundreds of enemies.

The Question in short if what ''vision'' of marines do you operate by?