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Thread: are orks or Eldar aware of their old one connections?

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    are orks or Eldar aware of their old one connections?

    Though in the background they mention their common origins, it doesn't seem like their current descendants are aware of it.

    And in general, is it ever mentioned what Eldar think of Orkish technology? The admech may be perplexed and hypothesize on psycho-reactive weaponry, but the Eldar, being psychic warriors themselves, would probably be able to tell.

    Also had a thought the other day, if some Eldar do know about their common origins, perhaps there's some secret of the Old Ones locked away in the ork's genes? They contain some amazing technology built with psychic engineering. Imagine the Eldar institute for the study of Gubbins and Bits, dissecting the brains and souls of mekboys, adding wraithbone bits to Shokk Attack Guns, cooking squigs, etc.

    on a related note, can the psychics of other races act upon wraithbone? can soulstones hold xenos souls?
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