The test rules are coming together. It's taking a while because going from 'tabletop concept' to writing it out isn't as easy as one would think. While I grapple with that, I've been continuing to run test assaults and the latest matchup has been humans vs goblins, i.e. standard vs horde.

Goblin morale is crap, so they break easily, but the model count is really lopsided. Keeping the 2 to 1 points margin, I've got a 4 to 1 margin in models.

In game effects, this made archery just too powerful, since horde armies can simply flood the battlements with arrows and win by default. My solution was to create a rule allowing models behind battlements to hide from missile fire entirely. During the movement phase they can come out and then begin shooting without any penalty. This made a big difference, especially on the curtain wall where the defenders are mostly equipped with rocks and melee weapons.

One of the quirks of Conqueror is that a unit can charge, lose a combat, rout and rally in the same turn. This actually sets up a pretty interesting (and I think realistic) situation where badly outnumbered elite troops have to form a square to protect their flanks. They are then subjected to wave assaults that just wear them down because even if they rout their opponents, they can't pursue (units in square formation can't move).

Since one can't pursue over the wall, the same dynamic is working on Siege Assault: hordes race up to the walls, raise ladders, get stomped, run away, rally and come back for more. Very much a Helm's Deep feel, which I like.

I'll move next to elite troops and see where that gets us.