Since my last post, I've continued to run test assaults and also firm up the rules mechanics. One thing I want to avoid is overly "tactical" situations where figures maneuver around the castle like it's a DnD game rather than a mass combat assault.

Despite my earlier hopes, it seems clear that an attacker with a 2 to 1 superiority in points will only be at a slight disadvantage. For those who want to know, I'm running this using identical human forces with just ladders.

That being said, in terms of models that attacker is more of a 5 to 2 superiority, which is what I wanted, so I'm calling this a win.

The next step is the same kind of scenario using a horde enemy like goblins. After that, I'll go with an elite attacker and see if quality can beat quantity.

Obviously, tactics will matter as well choices in army selection. At this stage, it's about cementing the basic mechanics before moving on to battering rams, siege towers and so on. I also have a breached wall section that I need to work on, so that will dig into my time.

Still, we're making progress and it's pretty fun. I may put out a test set of rules if anyone is interested trying it out on your own.