The cleaning went well, the auctions exceeded expectations and now I'm dusting off one of my old projects: siege assault rules for Conqueror.

This is a little different than some other rules sets where you are expected to bash holes in the walls during the course of the battle. In reality, the assault would only happen after a breach is established. The concept here is that either the players agree to specific type of assault or they can pick strategies (perhaps within a larger campaign) and that will point the way to the type of assault.

Old-timers will remember the GW Warhammer Siege supplement that was widely praised (in part because it limited characters and magic items) but it had a number of weird quirks that only make sense within the convoluted mechanics of Warhammer.

A major challenge will be balancing the force mix to make the game entertaining. It's interesting to note that while GW nominally gave the attacker a 2 to 1 points advantage, this was muddied by rules making both sides pay for things like rocks, ladders, mantlets, etc. GW was of course obsessed with points-based accounting ("You want a champion, standard bearer and musician? It's gonna cost you...") so I'm working to keep that to a minimum.

Conqueror does that in field battles, and the only real problem I've noticed is that the points work a little too well - that is, unless one side has a huge tactical advantage, victory will go to the higher-point unit. Then again, you expect elite troopers to rout militia. Of course there have been games where the militia hasn't exactly turned the tables, but put up a far more stubborn fight than anyone expected, which is part of the fun.

In any event, I'm thinking I'll post trial rules before going to publication. Depending on how long they are, I might offer them as a cheap supplement or just fold them into a Second Revised Edition.