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A report on Pirate Eldar for My Lord Inquisitor Echalron, of the Ordo Xenos.
Thought for the Day: Through Self Sacrifice comes Glory

What Imperial Scholars believe about the Dras’Lir is that they originated from the Eldar Craft World of Lan’Lir. Which, form our small knowledge of the Eldar tongue, Translates roughly into The Bright Hearted.
Our Earliest encounter with them was in M33 when a Imperial Fleet, under assault from a Chaos Fleet reported seeing a Large Vessel launching attack craft. The Imperial Admiral thought it was another flanking attack from the forces of Chaos. But the new ships engaged the Chaos, destroying their Flagship and causing much damage, forcing the followers of the Dark Gods to be routed, retreating to the warp.
The Saviour vessel then departed.
It can be hazard a guess that the vessel was in fact an Eldar Craftworld, but relatively small for such a vessel.

In M37 it appears that the Lan’Lir aided the Inhabitants of Archvel Prime again an Ork incursion. Saving the planets Capital from the Ork Waaaaagh!.
When the battle barge “Guilliman’s Wrath” Bearing the First Company of the Genesis Chapter arrived, they brought their wrath upon the Eldar defenders, caring little for the aid the Eldar had given against the Ork Incursion.
The unsuspecting attack caught the Eldar by surprise, losing most of their number to the merciless assault of the Space Marines.
The “Guilliman’s Wrath” took a heavy toll upon the Eldar Craftworld which happened to be caught in orbit. It is reported that the battle barge managed to cause some extensive damage to the Craftworld, before it could bring up its defences.
A Pict we have from Archvel Prime taken by a local citizen shows the Guardian’s, as the Eldar Infantry is known, to wear armour of a bone colour, with helmets and shoulders of a deep blue. Over their left breast is often a depiction of a heart with a sun shining behind it. Whist the Aspect warriors, the elite of the Eldar forces are seen in the standard armour pattern see [ref: File0010098781 Armours of the Eldar]
There are no further records of the Lan’Lir in Imperial Records.

At the end of M39 there is a Report of a Force of Eldar Matching the Description of the Lan’Lir coming to the aid of an Imperial City, on the planet of Morvel III, from an attack by a chaos force aligned to the god Slaanesh. Though the description of the Eldar’s appearance was similar, there were to slight variances. The first variance was that there was no sun reported behind the heart, and the second being all Eldar wore armour of the same colour, even the specialists.
The Eldar joined the battle late, brining aid just before the Imperial Guard forces were utterly destroyed.
After the battle the Remaining Imperial Guard, and the citizens of the city rushed into the streets to thank their mysterious saviours.
At this point the Eldar turned their Weapons on the Imperials.
Most were brutally cut down by the deadly Shuriken weapons and the blades of the Shock troops.

Members of the Eagle Warrior chapter arrived to find the bloodbath, Barely hours after the event happened.
The bodies of the Imperials lay where they had fallen; the few survivors sat staring blankly at the corpses around them, or weeping over the bodies of their loved ones. Many of the bodies bore an indication that they had been attacked from behind, as they tried to flee.
At the centre of the carnage lay an Epaulette of mark VI Armour, bearing the Chapter Badge of the Genesis Chapter, with First Company markings.
Auguries on the “Eagles Splendour” have no record of a ship matching that of the Craftworld in, or near the system. Only a slight distortion, which soon cleared.
Upon later examination, t is believed these “scanner shadows” were thought to be an Eldar fleet departing the massacre.

Since the incident on Morvel III the Eldar of Lan’Lir have been sighted rarely, but more often. Reported often have them coming to aid the defenders of an Imperial City. There appearance always coming as the Imperial defenders are about to break. Once the battle is finished, the Eldar then turn their weapons on the Surviving Imperials. Killing any they find, before taking what they need from the city before Reinforcements arrive.
There has been no sighting of the Craftworld attacked by the “Guilliman’s Wrath”. But often there are reports of a Fleet of Eldar vessels, just before the appearance of the Lan’Lir.

What disturbs me the most is the reports of shadows attacking outlaying villages and settlements of Imperial worlds. The citizens slaughtered by a force bearing shuriken weaponry. The towns are often looted before the attacking shadows leave.

At the end of M41 there is a recording of a communication between what is believed to be a force from the Biel’Tan Craftworld and a group of Eldar Pirates.
From what little we have been able to translate, the Biel’Tan Craftworld seems to denounce the other force as Lost. Naming them pirates; before ending the communication.
It is believed they may have been in contact with the Lan’Lir.
One Standard day later the settlement on Drath III was sacked by force matching the Lan’Lir description.
What makes this attack unique is the fact there is a Vid Recording of the Eldar leader. I have attached it to the Report.

[Play: File0970094376]

A Ruined building lies in the centre of the screen. Smoke flowing violently from the raging inferno within. An Imperial Guardsman, barely out of his teens, stumbles into view, running. A Cry of pain escapes his lips, blood spurting from his legs as he falls.
He turns to look behind him, shuffling backwards on his hands, his back meeting a solid wall.
“Wh…WHY!” He stammers, his voice edged with pure terror.
Another figure floats into the edge of the screen, slowly approaching the guardsman. He reaches for the knife at his waist, finding his Lasgun lost. The Stranger gracefully raised her pistol. A slight hiss escapes the weapon, and the guardsman screams in pain, his dagger falling from his hand, blood spurting from his upper arm.
“Why?” He sobbed, all courage having left him.
The stranger stepped into the burning light from the fire raging within the building, her robes flowing from her waist. Eldritch runes glowing blue in the fire light. A corset of ivory sat lightly over her stomach and breasts. Her arms, shoulders and neck bare, her skin a soft ivory colour. A strange device protruded from the back of her neck, glowing with eldritch powers.
“Why?” the guardsman sobbed, all faith and hope having left him
“I am Farseer Anastari,” she said, her voice soft, lilting, “and I should ask you the same, Monkeigh.” She turned to look directly at the camera. Her face is utterly calm, her eyes shining gold in the fire’s glow, “We came to your aid when it was most needed. But you turned on us. You killed us. You destroyed our home. What is left of the Lan’Lir is dead. A shadow covers our heart now. We are but the ghosts of those you killed. We are the Dras’Lir.”
She raised a spear, the alien design glowing with blue runes as they danced along the shaft and, across the spear’s blade.
“You created us, and you now must suffer us. Know this and weep; for every death we bring, is on your hands. The blood of your men and your women, your Weak and your sick, your old and your young. The blood drips from your hands. For you killed them. Know this and weep. So your heart may be shadowed like our own.”
“We are the Dras’Lir,” her voice filled with passionate anger, she turned to the weeping Guardsman.
The guardsman at her feet started to sob in a fit of tears. She brought the spear tip to the man’s throat, resting it lightly under his neck. She used it to lift his head so he had to look her in the eyes. In the background there is screaming, the screaming of women and children.
She raised her pistol, pointing it at the guardsman sobbing face, “You did this” she said lightly, pulling the pistols trigger. The man’s head shot back, blood spurting from it.
The Eldar turned towards the Security recorder, delicately wiping a spot of blood from her chest, before raising the pistol at the recorder, and firing.

Static fills the screen

[End: File0970094376]

As you can see from the attached file. The Eldar of Lan’Lir, or, as they now call themselves, the Dras’Lir, blame humanity for the death of their kind on Archvel Prime.
It can be guessed that the attack by the “Guilliman’s Wrath” caused more damage then initially thought, leading to the eventual demise of the Craftworld.
This seems to have forced the survivors to take to living on their remaining war ships.
From what we know of the Dras’Lir, they are composed fully of the Elite forces, known as Aspect Warriors, and the fast Jet Bikers. There have been no reported sightings of Eldar Guardians as Infantry, nor any of the Wraith constructs often used by Craftworld Eldar.
From this we can hazard a guess that the Dras’Lir have a smaller population.

I hope, My Lord that the report has answered the questions you had.
I shall continue my research into the matter, as you have requested, and forward you any more relevant information

-Archivist Milar, Head Archivist of the Three Hundred and Thirty Third Archive of Knowel IV


I know Craftworlds are large and very hard to Destroy. Its why i tried to get across this is a smaller one. Its Fighters and support craft in their bays recovering form fighting the Chaos fleet. And caught very un awares.
Any how, opinions on how bad this is fluff/canon wise?

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