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    Dwarf Tactica

    Since people seem to be asking for this I shall start this off. I will list all of the units and my opinions on their worth and effective use in the army. As usual take whatever anyone says on Warseer as an opinion and if your opinion differs post! Tell us fellow Warseer'ers why you found a use for X, Y, or Z. EDIT NOTE When I mention captains are obligatory this could also mean Epic Heroes! Or really any type of leader with might! - i.e. if you prefer Shieldbearers than these are areas where you should take them.

    Let's try to keep this cordial and on topic of dwarfs kicking butt and taking names.

    Dwarf Warrior Kinband

    USE These guys are your mainstay common troops. Always take shields with them. Always take a captain.

    PROS By taking shields these dwarfs go from a 'okay' defense of 6 to a great defense of 8.

    CONS They only have a Courage of 4 so you need a captain. They are expensive for core troops and you need to field them in a formation of at least 3 companies to be effective. Their fight value is good, but not awesome.

    Dwarf Archer Kinband

    USE These are the common shortbowmen of your army. Never take a captain.

    PROS These dwarfs have good defense and alright courage and abilities to hit.

    CONS They are equipped with short bows... meaning you're effective range in 9" and your max range is 18". This gives you effectively 1 turn of shooting enemy units and thus make this unit VERY expensive for what it accomplishes. I suggest you spend your points elsewhere.

    Dwarf Ranger Kinband

    USE These guys are common and great for long range bombardments with arrows and get the added special rule of pathfinders (mountains). A Captain is situational, if you plan to sit back and launch arrows - than there is no need, but if you plan to flank or march them with the army, a captain is advisable.

    PROS Longer range than the Dwarf Archers, better shooting score, and only 5 points more expensive. These guys are almost a no brainer when it comes to ranged shooting for the dwarfs in terms of common troops. These guys also come with thrown weapons - so if someone gets a little to close you can pelt the enemy with str 4 axes.

    CONS they are a little bit more expensive than Dwarf Archers, and have one less defense.

    Khazad Guard Kinband

    USE These guys are rare shock infantry. Take a captain. These guys can take the pain AND dish it out. Stick these guys in the center of battle and they will hold the line with a courage of 6 they will not be moving.

    PROS A good defense of 7 and a courage of 6 these guys tear through orcs and goblins like a well greased wood chipper.

    CONS expensive. These guys are 10 points more than Dwarf Warriors and can add up quick in small forces. But are almost obligatory when it comes to taking shock infantry.

    Iron Guard Kinband

    USE These guys are rare shock infantry. Take a captain. These guys can take the pain AND dish it out. Stick these guys in the center of battle and they will hold the line with a courage of 6 they will not be moving.

    PROS a fight value of 5 (the highest so far on the dwarf list) a courage of 5 (6 with captain) and a defense of 7 these dwarfs are not to be trifled with. They also come with the added bonus of thrown weapons.

    CONS expensive. These guys are 10 points more than Dwarf Warriors and can add up quick in small forces. While they do hit better in combat, having a great weapon is a better deal in my mind as you want to cause wounds and your stats are already great compared to goblins/orcs - These guys are really more in line to hit/wound elves or other high F units.

    Vault Wardens

    USE A rare joy.

    PROS Defense 10? Seriously? That's frickin' awesome. These guys are a brick wall that scream "Take me you FOOL"! At fight 5 and "Indomitable" special rules these guys will stand there till the last guy bites the dust. They also have a strength of 5 making casualties almost a certainty.

    CONS at 30 points more than Dwarf Warriors these guys are small units and can rack up the points quick. Also with no access to a Captain and "We Stand Alone" they cannot receive orders or might - unless through a character with Overlord ability.

    Dwarf Ballista

    USE at 20 points more than Dwarf Warriors these are the only artillery the dwarves have.

    PROS Obligatory. These are a must - at strength 8 and a defense of 8 these guys can take some pain and still hold while dishing out strength 8 monster killers at the enemy.

    CONS Cannot move after having been placed means you only get 1-2 turns of shooting. It may be wise to take 1 Ballista per unit to maximize on targets and LOS.

    Moria Expeditionaries

    USE at 5 points more than Dwarf Warriors these are rare specialist goblin killers. A captain is a must.

    PROS They are exactly like Dwarf Warriors but for 5 more points you get Goblinbane AND Pathfinders (Mountain).

    CONS Unless you know you are fighting an army fielding goblins this unit is a waste. Only take it if you KNOW you are facing a Misty Mountain player. Otherwise save the 5 points per formation on something else.

    Iron Guard Ancients

    USE Shock Troopers that are even better than the originals? Heck YA!

    PROS Same as their normal rare cousins Iron Guard, these guys come with, you guessed it! Special rules! Orcbane, Pathfinders (Mountains), and Fearsome reputation.

    CONS If you thought the Iron Guards were expensive these guys are even more so! Much like Moria Expeditionaries, these guys are situational - they are like a company of Chuck Norris on crack if your opponent has orcs, otherwise they are a HUGE point sink making you feel stupid for bringing such a cool unit to a squirt gun fight.

    Ered Luin Rangers

    USE Flanking Axe throwers. What else can I say? Oh! take a Captain.

    PROS Yay! Our first ambushing unit. It is very useful for flanking maneuvers, and fair well in combat.

    CONS Wait what? Oh that's right - no bows... AND expensive.. My view is why take these guys when you can take more Dwarf warriors/legendary units? The only advantage these guys have is ambush, and thus becomes a 1 trick pony company.

    King's Champion

    USE This is Chuck Norris.

    PROS for 135 points more than Dwarf Warriors you get 1 model of pure pawnage. This guy comes with inspiring leader (dwarves), terror, very hard to kill and a stat line that makes a Dragon of Ancient Times blush. He is a must in forces as he counts as a monster and that is what he specializes in: Killing monsters.

    CONS Expensive and only 3 attacks he is outgunned if he faces a Balrog or Dragon solo, but that's why he's rare and not legendary... But taking even 1 is expensive and taking 2 is very expensive.

    Murin's Guard

    USE The same as Dwarf Warriors with a character and special rules? Sign me up!

    PROS This unit rocks. You can effectively make an entire company of Dwarf Warriors get defense 10 with "Lock Shields" - and what self respecting dwarf player doesn't want to look at his opponent yell "LOCK SHIELDS!" and then laugh your ass off as he wiffs on all his attacks? Oh, did I mention Murin comes with a Banner? So this is almost an obligatory unit as the special rule alone rocks, but with 1 extra might than a Captain - this unit is really good.

    CONS expensive - the 1st company (which includes Murin) is bloody expensive

    Drar's Hunters

    USE Finally, our second ambushing unit - and oh look they have bows!

    PROS These guys are MUCH better than normal rangers and much better than Ered Luin, they come with bows, a special character that allows Take Aim (giving a 2+ to hit) and allows Pathfinders (woodland) which is much better than mountains - as most terrain boards have woods and not mountains.

    CONS none. Seriously this is a cheap unit for what you get and worth it's weight in semi-dark gray plastic.

    Durin's Guard

    USE Wow just look at all those special rules! and they are better shock infantry than Khazad Guard!

    PROS The list of special rules, a fight value of 6 courage 6 and 4 might should be indicators that this unit rocks. The list of special rules includes goblinbane, inspiring hero (dwarves), orcbane, pathfinder (mountains), stalwart (as almost all dwarf units get), and terror. Durin also gets the bodyguard rule - so if a big bad monster comes Mardin can take the fall and Durin can dish out the pain!

    CONS not only are the Khazad guard expensive, Durin/Mardin are 200 extra points. If you know you are facing orcs/goblins This unit rocks. And is well worth it - but perhaps not in small games.

    Floi Stonehand

    USE Epic Hero Disruptor

    PROS Epic renewal is great as Floi comes with 2 might - stick him in a unit that sits back and shoots (like rangers) or in the second line and pass out his might. If something gets to close you can epic defense to save the unit or hold the enemy for a turn. but Floi's real ability is Loremaster this rule is great. He can effectively turn off 1 enemy company ability per turn. This can be a game changer - and since this does not cost Might - use it every turn.

    CONS now fight and courage (when compared to the other heroes) Floi is not a main line fighter and he was not designed as such.

    Balin Lord of Moria

    USE a good epic hero.

    PROS Causes Terror, inspires dwarves, and has a fight/courage of 6 AND a resilience of 3 with 3 might - this guy is good for challenges and makes for a great addition to boosting your unit. He also comes with Epic Strike, Epic Challenge, AND Epic Defence

    CONS none. He is cheap and good.

    Dain Ironfoot

    USE If the King's Champion was Chuck Norris - this is his father!

    PROS with a fight 7 courage 5 he has fighting and staying power, he also has the highest resilience in the game with 4! and 4 might. Epic Strike, Epic Challenge, and his special rule that makes him a monster: Epic Rampage! Where his company can (theoretically) get infinite attacks... He also has Counselor, Inspiring Hero (dwarves), Terror for specials

    CONS Expensive in small games, but what can you do? He IS Chuck Norris's father!


    USE A cheap Dain substitute!

    PROS fight 6 courage 6 resilience 3 and might 4 this might as well be the clone of Dain, he comes with all the bells and whistles like Dain but gets Baruk Khazad! which allows his unit to toss him and cause D3 automatic hit before combat, and does not prevent charging.

    While not a game breaker this is a nice ability to soften up a unit a little before combat - It is very short ranged, but if you somehow got into range of cavalry or a monster this would cause some damage - more-so than large blocks of orcs.

    CONS None.

    So there you have it a review of all the units in the Dwarf section. Hope this helps you in your fighting!

    "Let them come! There is one Dwarf yet in Moria who still draws breath!" ~ Gimli

    Due to popular demand - I will cover Shieldbearers.

    This seems to be a contentious issue so far so I will cover the pros and cons of this semi-hero


    USE Substitute for a Captain OR extra staying power in conjunction with a captain

    PROS Cheap this guy is half the points of a captain and offers (on a roll of 5 or 6) staying power to the dwarves.

    CONS 1 less courage, might, resilience than a captain. This makes the survivability during duals all the more challenging, and with only 1 might makes decision making difficult. If taken instead of the Captain you get quite a few extra points to play with, but each squad has less abilities to march/etc.

    This makes me think the Shieldbearer is really only usable in larger games, but I have yet to test it in smaller ATM so time will tell. If he didn't have the lower stats this would be a no brainer, but it is a toss up at the moment.
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