Hi guys.

I've always been a huge fan of Space Marines and the practice of truescaling has really bought something extra to them as miniatures (for me at least). Thanks to the efforts of many other 'Truescalers' I've got to the point where I'm fairly confident of my own ability to produce my own convincing conversions.

These are not precisely truescale models as they aren't intended to emulate correct proportions within the model itself, but rather, scale correctly in comparison to a regular human model (guardsman for example). Because I find GW's Space Marine artwork to almost always correctly portray how I imagine Marines should look, and I use it as the inspiration a lot, I'm dubbing these conversions "Artscale". Doghouse in his infinite wisdom calls his Actual Scale and it's basically the same thing, I just like Artscale better

All the conversions shown here are essentially test pieces, to work on technique and methodology. I'm hoping to be able to make these to order/commission (painted or unpainted), though I'm still trying to figure out an appropriate price.

(not quite finished yet)

All the above are based on 30mm bases as apposed to the normal 25mm. I think if I start making these to order, I'll magnetize the feet and supply alternative base sizes.

Comments and criticisms welcome as always.

Next up is a Vulkan He'stan conversion.