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    Folds Eldar Alaitoc & Tau Forces (previously Eldar Autarch copy from codex cover)

    Beginning below you have the original starting point of this thread, an Autarch conversion based on the cover image of the Eldar codex. As the thread has developed to cover a wider range of Eldar models, and will probably include some Tau at some point too, I have renamed the thread and will be updating the contents list below with highlights of the thread (as I seem it) as I go.

    Eldar Jetbike Tutorial... Page 4
    Completed Autarch... Page 4
    Start of June Vow... Page 4
    Start of Farseer... Page 8
    End of June wow & a new vow for July... Page 9
    Thread active again after 6 months of downtime (plus new army shot) Page 10
    New basing technique, finished Avatar base Page 12
    Beginning of Jetbike Farseer Page 13
    Return from 2 year hiatus and back to modelling with a new warlock and autarch Page 14
    Starting a new Eldar Jetbike project - even better than the last one! With molding and casting Page 16
    Eldar "aegis defence line" and "quad gun" Page 21
    Custom made Eldar bases Page 21

    Thank you all for reading!

    Original Thread Continues:

    I really like the Autarch on the cover of the Eldar codex. Something about his pose is both very regal and also menacing.

    Therefore for the first Autarch in my growing Alaitoc force I decided to create a model based closely on this one.

    WIP to date:

    A little run down on what's going on so far:

    The head is a standard Guardian head. I've attached the small targeter type pieces to the side for mandiblasters, and used part of the ornament that comes with the Dire Avenger kit for the crest. I'm now in the process of adding greenstuff to tie the bits together and add gems etc...

    Not decided yet if I'm going to attempt to sculpt on the Autarch symbol, or paint it. Both seem equally as daunting!

    A standard Dire Avenger torso with a plasticard strap and green stuff gem. For the vanes on the back, I used the tall, gem encrusted vanes topped with some normal vanes from the Guardian kit.

    Standard Dire Avenger legs, cut and shut so they are walking straight up rather than the normal GW "heroic" wide stance. Green stuff work at the waist is in early stages...

    Sword Arm
    Unlike the picture I'm arming my Autarch with a power weapon (since it will almost always work out better than a Scorpion Chainsword). This is the Dire Avenger Exarchs Diresword attached to the Exarchs power weapon arm.

    Gun Arm
    Shuriken pistol attached to the DA Exarch forceshield arm.

    All comments welcome.
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