Right every one who has had any intressed in nids, knows that Krytman, has saved the imperiums ass, soooooo many times.. and for his proposal to slow the tyranid advance into imperium space was exciled from the inquistion and the imperium, however he still saved the imperiums ass after that (Kinda), tho he did make the tyranids even stronger by leading them deep into the orks, and letting them feed until they were full, anyways thats neither here nor their.. .. .. does any one know excactly what happened to the genus ex-inquisitor after this.. .. i always wondered but i havent been able to find out.. .. so does anyone know??

And if no-one knows any theories??

Personally i think he's following in levithans wake, looking for another way to do his duty to protect humanity, well that or the nids have got him already..