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Thread: [slow]Epic: Lost and the Damned

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    [slow]Epic: Lost and the Damned

    This is my first project log on warseer. Also my painting speed is average at best and my time for painting is limited at best. So let's keep that in mind while I will try to keep this thing working.


    I had intention to join a tale of gamer with this army, but failed utterly for real life reasons. So I have a list that I'm aiming, but it can change as I go forwards. My aim is following:

    Coven 1, Khorne
    - 7 Cultists, Chaos Marine Aspiring Champion
    + 4 Big Mutants
    + 4 Traitor Fire Support
    Coven 2, Tzeench
    - Demagogue, 11 Cultists
    + 3 Chimera, 3 Land Transports
    + 2 Hydra
    + Demonic Pact
    Coven 3, Tzeench BTS
    - Demagogue, 8 Cultists
    + 3 Big Mutants
    + Chaos Altar
    + Demonic Pact
    Coven 4, Khorne
    - Demagogue, 11 Mutants
    + 6 Land Transports
    + Hydra
    + Demonic Pact

    Khorne: Lord of Battles
    Khorne: Demonic Assault Engines
    Tzeench: Silver Towers
    Traitor Navy: Thunderbolts

    Demonic Pool: 1 Greater Demon, 7 Lesser Demons

    I have all the minis, they just need paint.
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