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Thread: Red Scorpions and Psykers

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    Red Scorpions and Psykers

    As the more perceptive amongst you may have realised i am an avid Red Scorpions player and i am doing my best to interpret the Chapter as best i can in terms of tactics and background.

    Firstly 'Pride in their Colours' so loud colour scheme, banners, etc... no scouts in camo gear, etc...

    The chapter has apothecaries in the tactical squads and i believe the phrase is 'purity above all'
    The chapter undergoes extensive genetic screening, geneseed testing, etc...

    I am conflicted as to whether the chapter would have Librarians or not? Psykers in some fluff, if i am correct is considered to be less than pure.

    So in the context of the available background (Imperial Armour 4 Anphelion Project and Imperial Armour 6 Seige of Vraks part 2) any thoughts as to whether you would take Librarians in your Red Scorpions Army?

    please vote and explain reasoning, many thanks in advance!!
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