Self explanitry realy isnt it? Iv resently recieved the starting point for my open duel for a GD in the near future, Im not going to rush this for this year as it is a BIG!! prodject. My insperation has come from how the workd seems to fail to do GK's justice and they have become these clinicaly clean marinies in shiney armour. The duel idea is to have a GK fighting a deamon of khorne. And now Id like to thank warhound for helping me get some of the finer details fefined in my minds eye this weekend.

So hears my starting point for the GK

And now a shot for scale

These were hastily taken on my phone a few days ago, and since then I have started getting the legs ready so that I may start sculpting onto then properly. Hopfuly an update will follow tonight after i have done abit more work. Enjoy