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Thread: GD BLOG- Fresh eyes 26/5

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    GD BLOG- Fresh eyes 26/5


    So after having a clear up from the suit workload and digging out all my little trays of ongoing projects, digging around on Deviant Art and then getting very excited about too many ideas in my head, I decided that my GD (UK 2009) blog should be restarted with a view to:

    • To decide out of lots of WIP's, which entries to go for.
    • To get the forums input on what is popular in terms of colour choices, modelling style and context, which will hopefully push the entries further towards being a winner!
    • To divulge some of the techniques and processes I go through in order to win a coveted trophy!

    So, the challenge is this.
    At each stage of this process, I will be asking for your input, with a poll feature to gauge peoples reactions. While I will keep the idea on track (and in keeping with my original idea) the whole thing is over to you guys!! (MODS can you give me POLL function?)

    I want this to be a completely original concept, whereby I am essentially a puppet, but through open discussion, we can all learn and get some good ideas bouncing around. More importantly, it will make me work harder to get stuff completed on time!!!;-) and keep my desk clean and focussed!;-)

    Now to choose the projects that I will concentrate on. I will list below the various works ongoing along side fresh new ideas that I would like you to choose from. By each idea will be the category that the piece will go into and a rough time estimate on how long each will take to complete. When voting, please remember that I can only have 1 entry in each category, so while you might love 2 x single miniature, you will need to sacrifice one for the other (this is the pain that I am going through now!)

    Until I can organise with the mods to get a Poll facility, please feel free to free-post your votes!

    (Full photos up this evening!)

    40k Single

    Genestealer Hybrid (3rd gen). 2 Weeks painting

    Necron Lord. 3 week build, 3 week painting. (with dead commissar being held up- thanks to Hokunin!)

    Eldar wraithguard. 3 week build, 3 week painting. Multipose conversion styled closer to the wraithlord of today.

    40K Squad

    My Tau suits (x3) 3 weeks build- 4 weeks paint- 2 weeks on the basing. (these could be hyper based in a similar but simpler diorama setting previously described)

    Pre- Heresy Death Guard squad- 7 guys with sorceror, pain merchant/ butcher and possesed 'fly marine', plus possible 3 guard conscripts.

    40k Vehicle

    Dark Eldar Artillary piece (thanks to Ignus Dei at Deviant art!!)- 1 month to sculpt (with 2 x crew) and 1 month 2 paint.

    Eldar Autarch with Jet bike

    40k Monster/ vehicle

    XV88 Broadside (my own) with nice base- treading on rhino door- combat stance

    Old one on dias (Slaan Mage priest) contemplating the universe. Think grumpy frog on a throne with pipe and lots of skulls around him in a dank cave- skin the colour abraham from Hellboy with Stargate style black granite architecture.

    Eldar wraithguard- multipose conversion styled closer to the wraithlord of today.

    Scratch build Tombspider- I dont like the current one and the Tomb Stalker just floats my boat!

    Battle at the Gate. Custode vs Worldeater on jetbikes at the emperors palace- VERY dynamic

    Blackpod down
    (based on the discussion here;

    Open (this is scary for me, as only the studio staff tend to win and so I would be up against the BIG boys!;-)

    Old one on dias (Slaan Mage priest) contemplating the universe
    Eldar Autarch (as before but with more elaborate base)

    I have a fair idea of what people will like/ want to see here, but it will be an interesting process none the less:-)

    So, who's on board?



    (Full shots and other inspiration- here:
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