For fun as a side project I am considering writing a mini dex for the death guard legion (post heresy). I dont really plan on people letting me use it, but I see it as a fun side project. The idea is to create a mini dex to represent the death guard legion. By this I mean full on cult troops and plaguebearers and those precious little nurglings. The reason I am posting this in 40K background is in terms of fluff, what do you fellow warseers think should be logically included and excluded from the mini dex I create. For example, do you think that raptors and bikers would be an adequate thing to add to a death guard legion list, or do you think that mortarions tendencies would have lent them to be non existant. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. As of what I was considering for units for this army.

Chaos Lord
Chaos Sorceror
Daemon Prince
Great Unclean One
Nurgle Cult Terminators (ala same rules as plaguemarines with increased pt cost)
Plague Marines
Plague Bearers
Beasts of Nurgle
Land Raiders

Things I was debating Including, but not sure if the fluff really allows for it
"Plague Marine" Raptors - i feel that even though mortarion preferred a foot assault, he wouldnt have comepletely ignored the effectiveness of these squads
"Plague Marine" Bikers
"Plague Marine" Chosen
"Plague Marine" Possessed
"Plague Marine" Havocs :again, not sure about these, the never really talked about death guard havocs, though if I made these a unit I would allow them to take heavy bolters. I mean cmon, one of the DG's most iconic artworks has a guy carrying it right up front and center!