What we learn from Terrible is that however you build your models, someone's not going to like them. However, I think that G's method is probably the best to emulate the cool Karl Kopinski artwork:

40k is a big shared universe, and I think that the most important thing is to make your models how you want to make them. If other people like them, brill, but they can't be the reason for your hobby, or it's just a job!

That said, we all appreciate constructive criticism.


While my part in Team Fisto is over (eliminated in orbit!), I thought I'd put some pictures up of the ones I did finish:

Urban combat rages during the initial landfalls at the Black Planet.

Imperial Fist Veterans storm the defences of Nu Minor.

Imperial Fist veterans finally extinguish the embers of resistance to ensure the hard-fought Compliance of Hutini.