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    New Army Supplement incoming

    This is just a heads up to let you all know that a new downloadable army supplement is due for release on or around the 15th of June.

    Armies in the supplement:

    Tournament approved armies

    Dogs of War
    Ogre Kingdoms
    Goblin Army
    High Elf Tournament Army
    Daemon Tournament Army

    The last 2 are more balanced versions of these lists for tournament play.

    Experimental Armies:

    Wood Elves (most of the current wood elf units are in. No eagles warhawks only, No Treekin, Treeman is Hero only not unit)
    Beastmen (pure Beasts only so no Ogres or Trolls inculdes Shaggoth instead of Giant)
    Chaos Dwarfs (everything you'd expect is in)
    Slayer King's Army (Dwarf slayer army with Goblin Hewer very limited artillery)
    Norse Army (Saxon/Vikings with Werekin, Mammoth and Valkyries)
    Brettonian Army (this includes Pegasus Knights and the Grail Reliquae)
    Cathay (think Qin chinese with Celestial Dragon)
    Nippon (Samurai/Warrior Monks with Imps, Oni, Tengu and Temple Dogs)

    Fan Lists:

    Nomadic Orcs (all mounted Orcs and Goblins)
    Grimgor's Ardboyz (Black Orc heavy Orc army no goblins)
    Dwarf Younger Holds (limited artillery, includes miners and cheap militia)
    Dwarf Engineering Guild (artillery heavy army including airship)
    Araby Tribal Army (Nomad style army with Ruhk and antimagic only)
    Araby City State Army (inc Tar Lobbers)

    I have an older draft so some things might change before release. I know the layout has been changed since I saw it.
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