I just read this passage from The Armor of Contempt by Dan Abnett:
Each one of the enemy warriors was massive. Their upper bodies, shoulders and arms were thick with muscle, making them look slightly comical and top heavy. There was nothing comical about the speed or determination with which they were advancing. The bright yellow hue of their battledress contrasted, with an aposematic punch, against the gloss black of their body armor.

Emblems of Ruin were welded to their chest plates, and long strings of beads and amulets rattled around them. Their heads were shaved and are, and stained or dressed with white pigment over which delicate black designs had been inscribed across the cranium and brow. Their body armor rose up onto a broad neck guard which concealed their mouths behind a lip fashioned from black iron to resemble a cupping hand, as if they each had a hand placed over their mouths....these were the Sons of Sek.
From that epicness I got very, very inspired. I've never seen anyone do a Sons of Sek army, or even figure, and I've certainly not seen the Gereon Occupation Forces (GOF..that doesn't sound too imposing) examined in any detail. If there is any modeling done on the Sons of Sek that I've missed, please point me to it.

So I drew up this list:

Yellow fatigues
Gloss Black armor
Neck guards/gorgets
Cupping hand over mouth
Emblems of Ruin welded on
White painted faces
Black tatoos
Amulets around the neck.

I didn't accomplish the amulets/necklaces, or the welded emblems, but this is the first of my Sons of Sek:

The breast and shoulder plate are from the Plastic VC tomb guard kit. I've got thirty of them on sprues, and I'm pleased to have a use for them now. Anyway, I shaved of the Cadian breastplate and added this new one.

I also shaved of the Cadian shoulder pad on the left and replaced it with one from the VC. I added a spike to the chainsword from the back of one of the Tomb Guard axes, and the cupped hand neck guard comes from a skeleton kit. I used guitar wire for the bronze cable running round his neck.


Over a black under coat

Tau Sept Ochre for the fatigues
Followed by Gryphonne Sepia
Highlight with 50/50 Golden Yellow and Tau Sept
Highlight with Iyenden Darksun
Sparse highlights with 50/50 Darksun/Skull white

The skin is base coated 50/50 skull white and shadow grey
Then a wash of dwarf flesh is applied
Highlight with added skull white till pure skull white

Shade the eye sockets with 50/50 leviathan purple/badab black wash
Shade the scars with Scab Red wash

Tatoos were painted with half black/half asurmen blue watered down.

I used boltgun/mithril to do the chinks on the armor.

Dull coated him, then came back with gloss for the plate. I painted on the rust and patina after all the varnishes were done.

Anyway, I hope you like this guy. If you have any ideas or suggestions (particularly for where I can find neck guards) I'd appreciate them. Please feel free to leave comments or criticisms.

I think I will start by doing two squads of ten, and a count as Lord-Commissar as a Sons of Sek field commander. After that, I have to decide whether or not I'm doing a Sons of Sek army or a Gereon Occupation forces gig. I'm not sure yet.